Program complex "ARKAN"
is the first firewall solution that received the certificate of FSTEC of Russia for compliance with the document "Profile of protection of type D firewalls of the fourth class of protection. IT.ME.D4PZ ".It is the first type D ME for the implementation of the requirements of the Federal Law No. 187" On the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure "dated July 26, 2017.

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Today information security of an enterprise is possible only with an integrated approach
«Arkan»comprehensive protection of industrial enterprises against attacks at all levels of ACS TP*
Technological platform "Arkan" combines

Multifunctional firewall «Arkan-М»
Works at all levels of industrial control system in the intrusion detection system mode, i.e. monitoring, or firewall, i.e. blocking
Easy to scale across the entire enterprise network

Management System «Arkan-К»

Convenient control of all modules through a single interface Analysis of all events
Visual Graphic Reports

To owners of critical information infrastructure
As is often the case, the implementation of the law is hampered by the ambiguity of the interpretation of its "letter". Download a detailed analysis of the provisions on the responsibility of not only professionals, but also the heads of organizations - subjects of the CII - for improper fulfillment of the requirements of the Federal Law No. 187.

ASP Labs today is

years of active research in the field of information security of industrial enterprises

investigated objects for large customers
more than 50

industrial protocols studied

designed stands for automated process control systems

registered intellectual property
FSTEC of Russia

scientific and technical cooperation with the FSTEC of Russia
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